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High School Competitive

Join the OARS High School Program

Our high school Men’s and Women’s teams are the pinnacle of OARS’s competitive rowing efforts. Here, we have young women and men in or near their athletic prime, both physically and technically. (Many came through our Middle School program and received excellent instruction there, although this is not a prerequisite for entering the high school program).

OARS High School Men

The focus at the high school level is on racing and preparing for racing. The fall season regattas are usually head races (so called in rowing lore because the winner is considered “head” of the host river or lake). These endurance races are usually over 5,000 meter (about 3 miles) courses, but some go as high as 10,000 meters. The spring season is for sprints: quick, hard races of 1,500 or 2,000 meters. OARS youth rowers compete in both sculling (2 oars/blades per rower) and sweep (1 oar/blade per rower) boats.

The youth program is demanding, but the rewards are commensurate. During much of the season, there are practices six days per week — every day but Sunday. Significant time on the water is a big part of the regimen, but so are land-based workouts with weight and ergometers (rowing machines), plus stretching and other flexibility work. Because of this schedule, youth program rowers must be disciplined about all aspects of their lives, on and off the water: punctuality and enthusiasm at practice are crucial, but schoolwork — quantity and quality — are just as important. OARS rowers must keep their grades at a high level to remain in the program.

OARS Womens Team Racing

Ordinarily, rowers are eligible for the youth program when they enter ninth grade. (Some eighth graders from the Middle School Program may be invited to join the high school program at the coaches’ discretion.) High schoolers generally spend their first High School Program year as novices. In the following years, they are considered “returners,” or veteran oarsmen.

Many OARS rowers have continued their careers in college, some with athletic scholarships from top universities all over North America. 

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