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What to Expect at Head of the Hooch

By Stephanie Wind, 10/25/22, 9:30PM EDT


Turn Hooch into a fun family vacation with these tips!

Hey gang!  Our family was fortunate to be able to turn Hooch into a family vacation.  I thought if there were any new families to the Hooch experience this year that might also be finding themselves on a  family vacation, you might enjoy hearing some of the things that made our trip so fun!

Head of the Hooch Venue

Head of the Hooch Venue

Here is a map of the area. The dotted orange line is the area that they have for vendors. There are a ton of vendor tents at Hooch. 

The grey area by my orange oar, is the spectator seating.  It's several rows of large concrete steps.  The orange oar is basically the finish line.  The grassy area behind that is where the team tents are.  

Head of the Hooch Map with venue locations

When the rowers aren't racing, they can choose to walk around in groups and check out the different tents. Of course Concept 2 is there for the kids to muscle out their best erg time.

What to Wear at Head of the Hooch

I don't think the forecast is calling for temps as cold as last year, but I wanted to share a few things that Jack wore to keep warm.  Some of these races start just as the sun is coming up which can put our kiddos in climates much colder than they are use to in Florida.  Make sure your rower as a compression shirt.  We sell them on our store website. 

Compression shirts and tights are helpful in the cold weather at Head of the Hooch

Jack also wore compression tights, like Tanner behind him.  This particular morning was extra cold - mid 30's - and so Jack threw on his joggers on top of his tights.  He had his heavy coat, that he was somehow able to jam into the corner of the boat while racing.  And don't forget socks!  The socks that Jack is wearing are waterproof.  Super helpful because they will be walking quite a bit in the grass that is covered in dew in the morning.  He also had lots of Hot Hands with him.  They can't wear gloves while rowing, so it's nice to have the Hot Hands ready for before and after the race.

Things to do in Tennessee near the Hooch

One of the first places we visited was Aretha Frankensteins. It's a little farther out than everything else I'll be talking about, but we had heard from friends it was a neat little place to visit.  They have an all-day menu of diner staples, plus beers & espresso, in a funky house with a porch & outdoor patio.  It's fairly small, and popular, so we found ourselves eating outside, but it was well worth it!  Jack was able to grub up on a big stack the morning of their practice.

The Tennessee Aquarium is AWESOME.  They have both freshwater and saltwater life displayed.  I won't bore you with too many photos here of my cute kids, but I will tell you that we enjoyed it so much, we will be going again this year.  Something cool about the aquarium for our purposes of being in Chattanooga, so that you can watch the teams practice from way up high in the aquarium.

Another fun place is the High Point Climbing Gym.  Our son Luke had a blast there with their day pass.  I may have lost my lunch when I was sent a pic of him scaling the exterior of the building, but he loved it!

We were able to fall into lunch one day with one of our favorite families at Agave and Rye, which is right in the center of the action.  Great food and a fun atmosphere.

Check out the pictures of these places!

I hope this information was helpful!  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.  If I don't know the answer, I can steer you in the direction of a parent that does.

And as always...


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