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Rowing Programs Overview

The simple act of pulling oars to make a boat glide through the water has romanced people for centuries. Add competition to it, and you get an irresistible mix of strength, grace, grit and fresh air all in one sport. Rowing — crew to some — is one of the world’s most enduringly popular amateur sports. And it’s available to people of nearly all ages and abilities here in central Florida.

Rowing is a lifetime sport: a festival of exertion and exercise, variable in intensity, but rewarding at any level. Easy on the joints, but as much physical challenge as you want to accept. Muscular and aerobic. A satisfying motion that is easy to learn but hard to master. Rowing offers the special bond of team sports along with the deepest of individual challenges. Tenacity, discipline, camaraderie, self-discovery, resilience — these benefits and more await rowers who want to learn and excel.

The Orlando Area Rowing Society upholds the highest traditions and standards of rowing in a fun, enthusiastic setting where quality instruction, fitness, safety and excellence are the watchwords. OARS rowers and parents get the benefits of exhilarating activity, discipline, and community thanks to the commitment of coaches, board members, families, and most of all, the rowers themselves. Anywhere you look at OARS, you see — and feel — the energy of people who know that working together, as a well-honed boat crew does, makes the whole much greater than the sum of its parts.

The breeze is up and the water is waiting. See you on the dock!

For detailed information on each of our programs, visit:

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